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I’m a few months into freelancing now, and people still regularly ask me; what is it that I actually DO? That’s a fair question because it’s different for every client that I work with.  So I will explain a bit about it; with who, and what difference it has made to them.

I’ve been working with a theatre group to create content. We have produced blogs, mini-videos, images, memes, and press releases. We’ve also worked on connecting with the right people and organisations on their social media channels, utilising relevant hashtags so that their posts are more visible.

My work with a skincare business, has been focused on helping them to move forward on a re-brand and to reinvigorate their approach to digital marketing, including content marketing and social media. We’ve kicked off some blog writing, working really closely to find new ideas and inspiration and to just get writing, because that’s hard.  I’ve been managing the Twitter and Facebook accounts, adding on followers and likes, increasing reach and having some fun with branded shareable memes.

I built a WordPress website for a property business and will be training them on using the platform to manage their website and blogs.  I’ll also give them some quick wins and time saving ideas next week, in a one-day training session, so they can manage their online presence more efficiently.

In a lovely one-off, all-day session including a soupy lunch, I worked with a local therapist to think about how best to use social media to promote what they’re doing.  Including those ever helpful apps and time-saving shortcuts. The’re producing some lovely content and enjoying using Instagram to promote the business now too.

Working one day a week over the last month or so, with a forest school, we’ve tackled everything from Mailchimp for newsletters to Instagram and blog writing. We’ve covered Twitter and Facebook, using schedulers and design apps.  We’ve worked on ways to find useful, relevant, external content to share to engage followers and break up the advert, event and promotional posts on their social media channels.

What do my clients look like?

This list is not exhaustive – I am working with other businesses too. But the the thing they all have in common is that they’re small, reasonably often one-man-bands or family businesses, needing to get a handle on all of it (or help with identifying which bits are the most important for their business).  I ‘get’ them, and am able to get behind what they’re doing, and they ‘get’ me back and feel confident that I understand their business and it’s aims.

In our initial meetings we have been able to clearly identify ways that they will benefit from what I bring to the table. Some need a few hours a week, every week, and some a whole day a week but only for a month or so, to get started, either dropping to a few hours after that or picking it up themselves.

I’ve simply done the work for some clients. For most though, I’ve shown them easy to use tools, provided some training on systems and platforms and shared ideas, pointers and sometimes even a bit of a jump-start, some reassurance or inspiration.

I think this illustrates that what I do, really depends on what you and your business need.  It might be that you want me to draft blogs, that you can then re-write (this is a big one for my clients – it helps with the structure and to get started).  I might manage your social media.  I can show you how to use WordPress so that you can manage your site or your blog yourself.  And there’s a myriad of less tenable stuff I do. Including a bit of design and a lot of ideas.

If you want to know more or would like to meet for a coffee, drop me an email at