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What is it?


  • Business development (noun)

The activity of pursuing opportunities for a business or organization, for example by cultivating networks or identifying new markets for its products or services.

A team to work with

It’s nice to have a team, a group of people you can refer to for feedback.  People who will tell you when you are focused on the wrong thing.  People who will tell you when you’re absolutely, spot-on, right.  A team that will help you to sort the 80% that you ought to be working on right now, from the 20% you need to schedule in later.

But a lot of self employed people just don’t have that at work, and it’s difficult to have objective, open conversations with people that love you and have a vested interest in your happiness or success.


It’s not just a sounding post that’s useful in business – perhaps it’s someone to help you to pull your ideas together.  Someone who knows digital communications, sales and marketing and can help you to work out which parts of your business you need to work on right now (and how you might actually do that).

Someone who can help you find the bits you enjoy and the areas where you make money. Or even to help you to make sure that you do make money.

From helping with setting your rates, to branding and introductions, to presenting your business online and of course, long term planning and target setting.

What I do

I look at my client’s current offer, particularly their digital stuff (websites, blogs, newsletters and social media) and, in line with their long term goals, I help them to move forward, tick some boxes and suggest other options that can help them achieve their plans.

I might challenge you and I will certainly give you honest feedback.  I will also show you good platforms, applications, strategies and approaches that can help you and your business to move forward.

I will also work with you to identify your target customers (and perhaps new markets that you haven’t yet considered) and to work out how to reach them and let them know who you are and what you do.

How it works

We talk about your goals and plans, your business, your digital presence and resources, and together, we’ll make a focused plan.

Drop me an email, and we’ll have (free, no obligation) coffee and a chat, and then if you would like to work together, we’ll book a regular session and get going.



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