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Nancy Carter

Why I do it

I launched Do Stuff U Love, because I saw a gap in the market. Small businesses suddenly all need websites, regular, relevant, blogs and to manage a number of social media channels alongside a newsletter.  But not everyone has the skills or the time to do all those things well on top of the other day-to-day tasks essential in running a successful business.My History

After starting as Financial Advisor in my 20’s, I went on to work for nearly ten years in team management and B2B relationship & business development in a blue-chip Financial Services company.

When my kids were small, I left the corporate world and to start my own business. Not one to do things by halves, in 2012 I launched two. I also started blogging and managing social media for local businesses on a freelance basis.

More recently, in 2014 I worked in communications at my local University, where I managed websites, blogs and social media.  I put together the digital strategy, best practice and blog guidelines.  Additionally I wrote and delivered training sessions on blogging and using social media to both professional services personnel and researchers and academics.What I actually do

I work with a myriad of organisations – traditional businesses as well as charities; each with different skills and experience and each needing something quite different from me.  My clients currently range from a theatre company, to a forest school and a property developer.  I also work with a more traditional business, helping with content production and ideas, producing branded shareable memes, blog writing and managing their social media channels.

For some organisations I go in and do the work.  For others, I go in and train them how.

I often work with other trusted freelancers; If I am at capacity I might send in one of the wider Do Stuff U Love freelance team.

I offer one day training sessions (which I love)  getting people on top-of (and inspired about) managing their social media channels or their business blogging (and even talking about why they should be blogging in the first place). I can do sessions on Instagram for business, blogging for business or even creating your own quick but professional branded images.  Or on using hashtags.  Or managing your own WordPress website or blog. I have a lovely training room and have even been known to provide lunchtime soup.  Or I can come to you.

For some, I help with business direction and development.  Not that I make any decisions, but it can be useful to have someone to sound out ideas with if you work on your own.  I love a good brainstorm (and might even make you mind-map when we’re coming up with blog titles)!  I will always give an honest opinion on an idea or tell you when you’re procrastinating about making a decision.

I use a number of different applications that make things slicker and faster. I won’t bamboozle you with details or jargon. If you’re interested, I’ll show you and your staff how to do it, and if you’re not, I’ll do it for you.

The key to working together successfully, is simply that we get on, understand each other and that I ‘get’ your business and your goals.  If you’re interested, please do drop me an email and let’s arrange for a no-strings coffee and chat.